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re: help hrv or erv system?
25 nov 2005
pdsmlebel  wrote:

>... i am still wondering if a hrv or erv unit would be better in my case.
>i think they both have heat recovery function, which is need for our winters.
>however, the erv would control humidity better (i think).
>any input on this?

unless your house is extremely airtight, *rvs won't save much energy compared
to a small exhaust fan with a humidistat.
"m ransley"  wrote:

> dont consider nicks hairbrain idea of using a window unit and some duct
> junk, first off and most basic is window acs inplace should not be run
> below apx 60f.

oddly enough, many people don't know this and use them for walk-in coolers :-)

and if you read more carefully, you might realize that a window ac with
exhaust redirected indoors is still only cooling room air close to 70 f. 
perhaps cheaper and more efficient than a dehumidifier, usable year-round,
with less floorspace. putting the ac on the floor would work, with more
floorspace and noise, but where would the water go? perhaps let it drip
back onto the basement floor, and ac the basement...


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