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re: cool tower alternatives
27 nov 2005
abby normal  wrote:

>my arguements are
>1) the heat that evaporates the water does not directly come from the
>air, it comes from the slab

true. (btw, argument only has one "e.")

>2) the cool slab, draws in heat from the earth

not much.

>3) only a small portion of the air being blown down to the floor makes
>contact with the slab and is cooled by the slab.

i disagree.

>4) you allow the heat of the make up air directly to the room air

and properly account for that.

>5) you plug holes in your scheme with unproven claims like 'stored coolth'

you are surprised that concrete can store coolth? :-)

>or randomly picking fans out of a grainger catalog without
>validating they are even close to being sufficient.

that's low-e case b) again, for which 6k cfm out of 21k cfm sufficed.
but for some reason, you said we had to choose a) or b). we chose a).

>you then suddenly change this to radiant cooling...

nope. that's how the slab cools the room in case a). 

>and you claim you have a scheme that provides evaporative
>cooling with minimal air flow.

yup. as proven, with numbers. it's pretty obvious. simple physics.

>the main arguement is evaporative cooling can work but you need a swamp
>cooler to cool the outside air directly.

nope. (btw, argument only has one "e.")

>you are making the house a swamp cooler...


>and ignoring the unhealthy environment... 

there is no unhealthy environment.

>... to make the inside of this home as warm and as humid as a natatorium...


>... the ceiling radiates heat to the floor. what does the floor
>do with this heat?

it loses that heat as water evaporates from the slab.

>it evaporates water to humidify the space.

that happens, but that's not the goal.

>the only time i have ever seen a ceiling cooler than the space was a
>dropped ceiling...

that's irrelevant in this case, with an 80 f ceiling and 75 f floor.

>... for an e=0.9 ceiling, the air film resistance for heat flow down is

the ceiling's air film resistance to downward heat flow is irrelevant.

>> >> >in fact you are relying heavily on forced convection.
>> >>
>> >> in case b) with fans and low-e surfaces...

let's keep talking about case a), since you insisted we choose one.

>this is all on sea level, pheonix is about 1100 ft...

where is this town you call pheonix? :-)

>... you keep proposing a revolutionary system that cuts down on
>the air flow,but you have not proven anything yet.

it's just simple physics, abby.


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