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re: cheap thermal storeage
28 nov 2005
jeff thies   wrote:

>>>i am planning to just dig the hole in a basically rectangular shape
>>>with sides that have about a 60 degree tilt.
>> you might make a tank about 3' deep x 4' wide that way, by folding up 
>> a single piece of 10'-wide epdm.
>so, for vertical walls and 4' long, 48 cubic feet and a bit less than 

with a 10'x16' piece of epdm, which can stretch about 100%. this might
work for 60 degree walls.

>   with a 20degree f cycle, nearly 60,000 btu


>one big "tank" or several smaller ones?

gary might make his shed tank 20' long, with a 10'x24' piece of epdm
and 240 ft^3 storing 240x62(170-80) = 1.3 million btu of useful heat.


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