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re: update: honda eu2000i and home furnace
3 jan 2006
william p.n. smith   wrote:

>>anyone tried this $168 propane conversion kit?
>that looks pretty neat, but what do they mean by:
>/* additional notes:  there is an adapter available but there is not
>enough room to reinstall the engine cover back on to the cabinet. */

they say that note no longer applies. they now sell 2 eu2k kits, 
type a, $157+$49 for a 12' hose, with an external regulator, and 
"special," for $168 with a 12' hose, with a regulator that fits
under the honda cover. the unit can be operated with the cover
in place with either kit. they say people prefer the a kit because
it is easier to install the kit and adjust the regulator. 

>also, i wonder if this makes it a dual-fuel generator, or propane-only???

propane and ng only, unless you buy another carb and unbolt the converted
carb to go back to gasoline. they say a lot of people say they plan to do
that, but few ever go back to gasoline.  

us carb also sells the 70 lb yamaha ef2400is for $1549 with a conversion kit
and an hour meter installed. these can be paralled like the hondas, and
they have a "smart throttle" that runs the engine slower for lower loads,
so they may also have cogen potential. i wonder about the waveform from the
"pwm inverter." us carb says the converted yamaha is tri-fuel with no carb
swap, and yamaha will definitely honor their warranty after conversion.
honda is iffy about that.

yamaha's specs a "greater than 8.5 hour run time" at 1000 watts with a 1.6
gallon gas tank, ie 5.31 kwh/gallon.  

the honda eu2000 burns 1.08 gallons of gasoline in 4 hours at 1600 w to make
6.4 kwh at 5.93 kwh/gal, ie 12% more electrical generation efficiency. 

they both have a 2 kw rated output. the yamaha has a larger engine with 
a cast iron sleeve.


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