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re: solar homeless shelters
13 jan 2006

>this morning on bbc news, andrew macloed (the un's head of operations
>in pakistan-administered kashmir) spoke about helping 3 million homeless
>people keep warm in -10 c weather...
>have they considered substituting dynaglas corrugated polycarbonate for
>the corrugated iron on south walls of shelters?

mr. macloed replies: 

>to be honest, i am trying anything we can. if you know a way of getting
>2.5 million sheets of the stuff to 15,000 different locations in the next
>couple of days, i am all ears - but it is hard enough to get the basics, 
>let alone refined products.
>many thanks for your email and best wishes, this is indeed a truly 
>difficult task, but we are getting there, thanks to the courage of the 
>pakistani people, and the generous support and good will of people like 
>many thanks
>andrew macleod
>un emergency coordination centre
>islamabad, pakistan
>+92 301 528 7172 (cell)


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