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re: "adequate ventilation" definition.
10 dec 1997
ed. pearlstein  wrote:

>mark elder  writes:

>> least 40 cubic feet for each 1,000 btu/hr... as long as the
>building had an infiltration rate of more than 0.5 air changes per hour... 

>     is that 40 cubic feet per minute, or 40 cubic feet per hour?

seems like 40 ft^3 x 0.5/h = 20 ft^3/h or 1/3 cfm/1000 btu/h, so a 10k btu/h
unvented heater in an airtight room might need a 2' wide x 4' tall window
with 3.3 cfm = 16.6 av sqrt(4x(70-30)) when it's 30 f outside, ie vent area
av = 0.0157 ft^2 at the window top and bottom, ie 2.26 in^2, ie a 2' long
x 0.1" crack, or a 1.7" diameter hole, or a 3/4" hole near the basement
ceiling, and another one near the 2nd floor ceiling. 


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