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re: ceramic or convection heater
19 dec 1997
paul morgan  wrote:

>actually all non-vented electrical appliances are equally efficient.

it's nice you said that, to help correct the continuing myth that some
electric resistance heaters are more efficient than others. but houses
can also be heated in other less expensive and more efficient ways. us
electric utilities typically burn 3 kwh of fuel for every 1 kwh of power
produced. the other 2 kwh of "waste heat" goes up the cooling tower.
a $900 1800 watt honda gasoline generator that makes about 8 kw of heat
while burning 0.23 gph of gasoline might make a fine house heater...

>you have to consider the house as a leaky bucket and electric appliances as
>steams of water being poured into the bucket.   the water level in the
>bucket or the temperature of the house will rise, fall, or stay the same
>depending on the difference between the amount entering and leaving. 

people sometimes forget about the holes in the bucket. for instance, they
install swimming pool heaters for pools with no insulation and very poor
thermal covers, which is like bailing a bottomless boat. 


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