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re: swamp cooler to refrigeration a/c
6 apr 2006
robert gammon   wrote:
> wrote:
>> abby normal  wrote:
>>> ... it is a bad idea to use evaporative cooling on indoor air.
>>... then again, i proved it was [a good idea], using numbers :-)

and nathan tried it out in melbourne and said it worked fine, with an
indoor swamp cooler that ran on a rising temp and a small exhaust fan
that ran on a rising rh. so far we have a) basic physics with numbers,
b) a successful experiment, and c) abby's qualitative rants :-)

>well appears to have missed the thread.

it's been there...

>how about this as a swamp cooler idea????
>high pressure water (160-200psi min - up to 2000psi) thru very small 
>orifice nozzles parallel to and pointing slightly away from the 
>condenser coil of a refrigeration a/c.

yogi goswami tried that in florida, with an energy savings of about 20%.
but it seems better to trickle rainwater over the coils.

>you do not want any of this spray to hit the coils of the condenser even
>if you use ultra high purity water (i.e. ro or distilled) as mineral plating
>will occur.

distilled water contains minerals? :-)


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