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re: amps and watts and volts, oh my...
26 dec 1997

>several of the small appliances i have show amps and volts on their
>labels, but not watts. how can i (or can i at all) compute the watts
>in order to analyze how much electricity the appliance uses?

multiply volts times amps. however, things with motors and fluorescent
lights and computers and some other creatures have a power factor that
isn't 1, so you have to multiply that product by 0.8 or so. and some
like coffeemakers list the maximum power consumed, with all the bells 
and whistles active, vs the average power, when they are in repose. 

if this is a serious hobby, you can buy a used kilowatt-hour meter for
about $30 from herbach and rademan at (800) 848-8001,,, and measure the power exactly.

fr. niccolo

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