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re: hows this for frugality?
29 dec 1997
allen g   wrote:
>harri85274 wrote:
>> when i take a shower in a "tub", i close the drain so the water i'm useing
>> doesn't drain, and later scoop up the water in pails and use it...

>...i can't see the water bill being shaved much unless you live in
>some desert nowhere and your water has to be trucked in 100 miles.

heating 20 gallons of water for a 10 minute 2 gpm shower takes about
20x8(110-50) = 14,400 btu, ie about 15 cents worth of gas or 40 cents
worth of electricity at 10 cents/kwh, which might heat the house more
if the water is left in the tub until it is cooler, then drained...


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