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re: wind and sun resources
30 dec 1997
michael pelletier  wrote:
>in april 1996, detroit edison started the "solarcurrents" program,
>and installed a 28.4 kilowatt pv array.  it was built at a cost of
>a quarter of a million dollars, almost half of which was funded by
>the us doe.  by dividing the production capacity by the total cost,
>the cost per installed watt is 11.36 cents, or $113.60 per installed
>kilowatt of capacity.

but as you say, those are peak watts, not 24-hour-a-day average continuous
watts, as with conventional generation capacity. comparing apples to apples
means multiplying that cost by say, 24/4, if each peak watt makes 4 w-h/day.


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