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re: 5kw thermoelectric generator?
16 feb 1998

>  15719   bmdo    trymer company                              $555,883
>                  14301 bagdad road
>phase: 2
>                  leander            tx 78641                 
>          topic: high energy-density electrical storage device

so, what's with the hint? why is electrical storage relevant?

>>jade mountain has recently taken on line a new type of portable electric
>>generator. it is expected to revolutionize the off-grid power industry. the
>>generator is thermoelectric and operates with 12% efficiency. the first
>>model produces 5kw, 120vac...

what confuses me about this is a) where the 5kw/0.12 = 41.7 kw of heat comes
from (140k btu/h, like about 3 home furnaces or a very large woodstove going
full blast, vs the propane torch cylinder shown in the 2 page description),
b) where the heat goes, ie where the cold sink is, to keep the thermoelectric
cool junctions cool (keeping them say, 270 f in a 70 f room requires a heat
sink with about 140k/(270-70)5 = 140 ft^2 of surface, using a fan, vs what
looks like a 2' cube in the drawing), c) how these thermoelectrics make ac
vs the usual dc, d) what magnetics has to do with it, and e) the low price.

it would be wonderful if all this were somehow true, but so far, it looks
like a hoax to me, or maybe just some confusion as to whether we get
50 watts dc vs 5 kw ac for $900. 


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