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re: q: how to "heat exchange" from forced air duct to vinyl/ceramic floor
21 mar 1998

>   i'm about to build a new home and had wanted to use the "floor
>joist run(s)" as ducts... my h&a man says that that is a bad idea
>because it will dry out and eventually damage the wood floor joists
>and sub-floor.

you might put some thermal mass in the basement, with a fan to circulate 
air through a sunspace to heat it, and warm the whole open insulated
basement ceiling, using programmable floor registers, eg $11 leslie-locke
af1-b automatic foundation vents, or little fans and thermostats.

>   i'm trying to think of a simple, inexpensive, but very effective
>way to transferr a large part of the hot air's heat (gas furnace) into
>the "hard surfaced" flooring above without direct contact to the wood.

omit the cross bracing on those duct cavities, and line them with 16"
diameter unpunched greenhouse polyethylene film duct, $0.36 per linear
foot from places like d & l grower supplies at (800) 732-3509?


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