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re: portable ac (pls email)
8 apr 1998
>> i rescue ringneck parakeets and often have to transport them over
>> long distances. i need to buy a portable air conditioner... with
>> summer fast approaching, i'm getting desperate. i don't want any 
>> of the birds i rescue dying because of the heat... the air
>> conditioner is not just for use in cars.  in fact, it is more
>> likely to be used *outside* the car.

do the birds really need air conditioners? how many parakeets per
cage, how much do they weigh, what are the max ambient and parakeet
temperatures, how is the cage vented and shaded from the sun, and
how tall is it? 

for example, an ashrae standard 0.62 pound rat produces about 8 btu/h
of sensible heat. if the outdoor temp were 90 f, and the rat could live
at 110 f, a 2' tall well-shaded cage with well-insulated sides needs
about 8/20 cfm of airflow, ie air holes with area av ft^2 at top and
bottom such that 8/20 = 16.6 av sqrt(2(20)), ie av = 0.004 or 0.54 in^2,
eg 1" diameter holes. wire cages would have a lot more ventilation. 


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