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re: top loading refrigerator
5 may 1998
marion otter  wrote:
>( wrote:

>^a top loading refrigerator would be more efficient since the colder,
>^denser air spills out of a standard refrigerator every time you open
>^the door...

a 6' high x 2' square fridge with r10 walls (2" of foam) needs about
24h(70f-40f)56ft^2/r10 = 4032 btu or 1.2 kwh/day (about 10 cents) if
the door is never opened. if a door opening requires cooling 24 ft^3
of air 30f at an energy cost of 13 btu, doubling the operating cost
requires 300 door openings a day...

>...i am making a steel and foam box which will be attached to
>the freezer box by a small duct with a little fan in it, mostly just
>enough to provide cooling for milk, eggs and such, pretty simple, and
>i will have to figure out a thermostat for the fan, but i do not see
>any reason it would not work...

sounds like it would. if you can stand less accurate temperature
control, you might try an upper and lower duct with a manual louver,
or an automatic foundation vent with louvers and an adjustable
bimetallic spring like leslie-locke's fv1-b ($12 from home depot.) 
>...when a propane heating unit is over $400 dollars, and i can go to
>the second hand shop and pick up an old propane space heater for $20,
>i can tell you where i go...

maybe you can convert that trashed lawn mower to propane, and use it
to heat the house, as well as make electricity. the heat power output
might be 10x the electrical power output.

>...i can haul tires from my local tire company and i can dig out
>a little each day, and fill a couple each day, and eventually, someday, 
>i will have a small earthship...

what's the second prize? :-) you might build a wood frame, cover it with
poly film, and hang the tires over the film as siding, tied together in
some sort of giant hair net, filled with compost to make planters.


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