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re: heat loss through single pane of glass?
18 jun 1998
thomas moorer  wrote:

>i saw a "this old house" episode in which a fellow was re-conditioning
>some old single glass paned windows. he made the statement that "only
>about 10% of heat loss is through the glass" in supporting his efforts
>of weather-stripping the edges of the window...
10% sounds low. a 3x4' single-pane window with a 1/32" perimeter crack
in a 2-story 70 f house in 80 f outdoor air might allow a "stack effect"
airflow of about 16.6(14'x1/32/12)sqrt(16'(80f-70f)) = 7.7 cfm that
carries about 77 btu/h, vs (80-70)12ft^2/r1 = 120 btu/h by convection. 

this might be even less true in sweden...


swedes turn to body heat to warm their homes

         swedish researchers have gone back to basics in their efforts
to heat homes during the long, cold winters - by relying on body heat.
a swedish building research group plans to build houses which are so
insulated from the elements that heat generated by human occupants will
be enough to heat the structures, swedish newspaper svenska dagbladet
said thursday. around 40 semi-detached houses without central heating
but with insulation five times more efficient than usual will be built
in 1999 in the swedish cities of gothenburg and malmo. if successful,
the scheme will be extended to hanover, germany.
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