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re: auto-powered electrical generator
12 oct 1998
alan farrell   wrote:

>sometime about a year ago, there was a news story on one of the major
>boston tv networks (dateline, 20/20, etc) about a new kind of invention
>being developed.  the name "aurora" was mentioned.  the product was an
>electrical inverter that mounted inside an automobile engine compartment
>and is used to generate electricity to power one's home.

sounds great for intermittent backup power, but maybe not so great for
day to day use, since the engine would wear out fairly quickly if one
ran it for lots of hours. 

>in use, the car would be started (connected to an exterior exhaust vent)

maybe an exhause hookah with a heat exchanger...

>and would idle while electric power was being fed into the house.  it
>would be operated intermittently to keep one's house warm and lit in the
                                  i like this part ---^^^^
>event of a power outage (like the ten to fifteen day outage in maine
>last year).

sounds like a nice cogeneration system.

>i have searched the internet extensively, but to no avail.  
>can anyone provide further info??

you might be able to do this with an extra battery and a trace 4024
inverter, which can be programmed to start a generator when the
batteries get low...


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