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re: solar heating a mobile home on stilts
5 mar 1999
georges  wrote:
> (nick pine) wrote:
>>...they might have fewer rigid ideas about what houses ought to look like. 
>hmmm... have you met my swmbo ( she who must be obeyed)

i'm not sure... i don't think so.

>i'm having trouble getting her to accept compact flourescents. after a
>decade of co habitation she is just starting to light the morning fire.

i used to have problems like that, back when i had a wife. women are
always complaining. let the temperature in your 100%-solar house dip
to 45 f some morning and they walk around saying "it's tooooo cold."

after mine moved in to her new house, she called me up to help her lift
her new 12,000 btu/h air conditioner into a window, after i'd already
ordered her several hundred square feet of 80% black shadecloth to
drape around the outside of her house. would you believe she didn't
even want to look in the box?
>it makes for an interesting engineering problem. all alternative
>systems must parallel the existing conventional ones, and be placed
>away from view. 

people should be proud to weird up their houses with ae stuff, like
my new 2 story cloudy plastic film sunspace, facing the street, or the
trombe walls now stuffed full of bright yellow fiberglass insulation, or
the 100 55 gallon drums and 3,000 white plastic tubs on my front lawn.
form follows function. don't hide it, highlight it, ie paint it red.


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