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re: p.v. cells
7 mar 1999
marcus n hofer  wrote:

>...the concept of those hybridous cells is very smart in my eyes,
>because the efficiency of a pv cell lies by around 10% and the rest is
>mainly convertet to thermal energy!

sure :-) why waste it?

>btw, you usually need electricity and hot water in a room.

that too...

>   now i do never see hybridous units in real. i don't know the
>disadvantages, but i suspect it could have something to do with
>permanent overheating of the pv layer

there's a compromise. as the pv temp increases, there's less
electrical power, but more useful thermal power. norman saunders
suggests just trickling some water over the faces of pv panels,
since they are waterproof, but that way there's evaporation if
there's no glazing, and fogging if there is. 

richard komp's book practical photovoltaics has a couple of designs
for home-built hybrid panels, one for air and one for water heating,
and his company sells hybrid panels.

i'd like to try gluing a polycarbonate cover over the face of a
panel, adding some 2:1 side reflectors, and pumping 0.05 gpm/ft^2
of unpressurized water under the cover...


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