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re: battery weight question.
21 apr 1999
wombat  wrote:

>...perhaps he should space his batteries out a bit rather than cluster
>them tightly together. however, 4 batteries in a single row should stay
>below the 100 lb limit.  

putting them near the walls would help, so shear loading vs bending moment
becomes the structural limit. our western union siemens electronic data
switch (eds) occupied most of the 15th floor of the mostly empty 25-story
hq building at 60 hudson street in the part of nyc known as "ohoh." it was
an ibm-360-like machine that spoke german and english with 450 person-years
of diagnostic software in macros 14 levels deep written over 3 years by 150
programmers in germany, austria and switzerland. i recycled one complete
software listing, which weighed 800 pounds, with very few comments.

the eds had lots of modular redundancy and special peripherals like 20 tons
of batteries near the walls, enough to keep it running for 2 hours in the
event of a power failure. good reliable german engineering. a twisted pair
cable bundle about 3' in diameter led down to frames in the wire and relay
room on the 14th floor with terminations for lots of damp paper insulated
wires that ran under the streets of new york to 32,768 telex machines.

joel d. might have enjoyed western union. many executives had their original
telegraph keys and sounders on their desks. one official 1975 corporate goal
was "to exploit the world of data communications at 50 baud and below" :-) 

>2==> definitely agree that better to operate on conservative limits
>where something like this is concerned.   so if any of you are
>planning to store 200 litre [ ~ 50 gallon]  poly barrels of water,
>consider the loading.  200 l is close enough to 200 kg [~ 441 pounds].

accent drums might go near the walls too, adding desirable thermal mass
to a house, or in a higher-temperature solar closet box on the ground
completely surrounded by insulation, with glazing over the insulated
south side, in a lean-to sunspace.


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