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re: heat recovery on ventilation air
9 oct 1999
brian   wrote:

>arie liebeek wrote:
>> is there anybody in the group, who can give some moren information about the
>> possibilitites for heat recovery on ventilation air (kitchen, bathroom and
>> toilet) in houses.
>air-to-air heat exchangers (hxs) are available down to about 100 cfm.
>but they are normally used for continuous air exchange usually via
>the air handler... and not for intermittent sources like you describe.

one might turn on a tiny fan or open a damper with a humidistat...

>the hxs are not cheap, and require a significant installation effort...

maybe they don't have to be like that. one canadian version used for pig 
barns is made of coroplast, that corrugated outdoor plastic sign material
(about $8 per 4x8' sheet.) it hangs flat on a wall. we might modify a
house wall like this (view with fixed font, eg courier):

   indoors      ceiling---------------------------------  outdoors
                                     d cooled house air-->
                                     d     ppppppppppppp
     d is drywall or paneling        d     p  <-- cool fresh air
     p is poly film                  d  ^ cp     p     s
     c is condensation               d  |  p     p  i  s
     d is a drain                    d    cp     p  n  s
     s is exterior sheathing         d     p     p  s  s
                                     d    cp     p  u  s
                                     d     p     p  l  s
                                     d    cp     p  a  s
                                     d     p     p  t  s
                     warm house air -->   cp     p  i  s
                                     pppppdp     p  o  s
                       <-- warmed fresh air      p  n  s

with attention to bugs, dust, rot, leaks, mold, legionella, and so on.


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