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re: anyone know a frugal source for spa chemicals?
12 feb 2000
tom raynor  wrote re:

>...a small pump and heat exchanger circulating domestic hot water instead?
>i was thinking about this. why not replace the electric heater with a
>similar-sized heat exchanger fed by my furnace? i already have forced
>hot water heating. it would just take the addition of a new zone...

>...anyone know where you can buy such a heat exchanger?

if you don't like the idea of 16' of 1/2" underwater plastic tubing,
you might make an exterior heat exchanger from about 4' of 3" pvc pipe
inside 4' of 4" pvc pipe, with 2 reducing ts and male adapters so it
can be unscrewed for cleaning. pump the inner hot water loop, and let
the outer hot tub loop thermosyphon.

>same goes for the electric dryer. where i am, electricity can be as high as
>.14usd per kwh... i can make hot water and hot air much less expensively
>with my oil burner than with resistance elements.

i still like the idea of lining the ultimate clothes closet destination
with foamboard and putting a couple of hundred watt light bulbs near the
bottom, in series with a humidistat. take the clothes out of the washer,
give 'em a shake for wrinkles, and hang 'em up on the pole.


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