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re: extremely simple
25 may 1996
william r stewart   wrote:
>nick pine wrote:
>> you have my numbers, will.
>> where are your numbers?
>i've posted them earlier this week and you've already forgotten?

i think you just told me to redo my numbers, for your house.

>don't forget you were going to revisit the multiple mistakes you had
>made in your calculations.

no, i just agreed when you said somebody should. it's your house, will.
>heater type	particulate emissions
>		    g per kg
>open fireplace      17.3
>masonry heaters      2.8
>reference:  home power magazine, feb/march 1996

nice. i wonder where airtight woodstoves with catalysts fit in.

speaking of logs...

>natural logs are not a part of arithmetic.  and you should
>have taken the hint when others confirmed that questions such
>as yours require calculus.

you don't need logs or exponentials to size a solar closet, just arithmetic.
direct gain houses need logs and exponentials. i try to ignore people who
desire to complicate solar house heating. i studied calculus, analysis, etc,
for about 7 years in school, on my way to a masters in electrical engineering,
but i'd like to simplify all this. it seems to me that if we just use some
common sense and arithmetic, we can build much better solar houses, even if
all the calculations are off by 50%. improving today's solar house designs
is like shooting fish in a barrel. in 20 years, calculus, spreadsheets, and
other computer tools might be more helpful. for now, it seems to me we have
to try very hard just to get in the right ball park.

>> you have failed to answer my many numerical questions...
>you have failed to provide truly coherent questions...

that's a two way street, will. 

>a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, indeed.

i agree.

>some quotes from people who have mailed me about you;
>    "as an aside, if mr. pine was an actual working engineer
>     (one with clients and projects), i would doubt that
>     he would have time to indulge in as many "discussions"."


>    "i notice you got sucked into nick's "black hole" as well.
>     nick thinks he's god with a capital g, and doesn't have the
>     background to support his raves."


>    "i wouldn't mind if he weren't so arrogant.  i'm beginning 
>     to think he's really a kid, out to impress himself."

sometimes :-)

>    "if you're like me, you'll probably either toy with him
>     or killfile him."

perhaps you are toying. or posturing. or something.

i try not to quote email in newsgroups, even anonymously, but someone
just sent me some email mentioning you... he said something like "i hope
will's idiocy isn't getting to you. we are all learning." that was nice
to hear. i'm trying to be very patient and civil, lately :-)

>you might reconsider your attitude towards others in the energy field.

i might. but a lot of them seem to be opportunists or shortsighted criminals.

was it disraeli who said "when a man is wrong, and he fails to admit it,
he almost always gets angry"?

here's a quote from tom smith, the inventor of the envelope house:

  i do not forsee any of the systems we now have surviving past the next few
  years. we have created a bit of a frankenstein with my house here because it
  launched the field of envelope homes and is seen in competition with other
  systems. nothing could have been further from my intentions...

  i would feel most proud if my house is remembered for being a step in the
  evolution toward mass energy-efficient design, rather than for introducing
  the "most efficient system."

  after working on, literally, hundreds of passive designs, and living in
  this house over the past three years, i am convinced that energy efficiency
  will become considerably less exotic in the future. it is my belief that
  if we just study closely what is going on inside a house, we'll come up with
  some very simple, if prosaic, solutions. if you have ever spent any time
  living in other parts of the world you'd realize that a lot of our energy
  problems stem from just plain doing it wrong. it's a snap to save energy
  in this country. as soon as more people become involved in the basic math
  of heat transfer and get a gut-level, as well as intellectual, grasp on
  how a house works, solution after solution will appear.

let me quote the last part again.

it's a snap to save energy in this country. as soon as more people become
involved in the basic math of heat transfer and get a gut-level, as well as
intellectual, grasp on how a house works, solution after solution will appear.

tom smith said that in 1980. 

it hasn't happened yet.


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