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re: looking suggestions dream house design
25 may 1996
william r stewart   wrote:
>peipp wrote:
>> i'm planning to build my dream house this summer and fall...
>> i live in n.e. oklahoma( 45 mi n.e. of tulsa)...
>> after seeing all the posts concerning solar rooms and closets i'm now
>> wondering if i could get by without backup heat...

>where would you put 30 55-gallon drums?

how about a walkout basement, since heat rises? the drums might be 2 deep
and 2 high in a 4' wide x 8' tall x 8' long insulated room. 

>how much insulation is required to keep them at the supposed design
>temperature of 130 f?

let's see... we'd need an r-value such that

      ein = 1210 btu/hr x .8 xmsn x 64ft^2 = 61,952 btu/day 
	  = 6 hr (130-80)64/r1    south wall, day
	  +18 hr (130-35)64/r     south wall, night
	  +24 hr (130-70)128/r    other walls, 24 hours
          = 19,200+(109,440+184,320)/r = 19,200 + 293,760/r, ie

   42,752 = 293,760/r, or r = 6.87, eg 1" of styrofoam or 2" of fiberglass.

>if they are in the basement, you will have to have a blower running...

why use a blower, vs a $60 grainger 36 watt 560 cfm fan that runs when the
sun is shining, with the closet static pressure being 0.05" h20 as measured?
with more care, natural convection would work. 

>and will likely have to have a blower for distribution as well...

how about a 2 watt $50 honeywell actuator that opens a damper automatically,
using a $15 grainger house thermostat to let some warm air rise up into the
house, as required.

>unless you plan to run up and down stairs to adjust a natural convection vent.

why do that? another option is an automatic foundation vent such as leslie-
locke's fv1-b, with a bimetallic spring that opens some louvers when the
house gets cool, which you can buy at home depot for $11.83.

>> what keeps the heat from leaking out of the thermal mass
>> on cloudy days and at night? 
>my understanding is there is huge amounts of insulation around the
>55-gallon drums and ducting to them.

that huge inch of styrofoam? :-)


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