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re: which direction for ceiling fan?
27 may 1996
> (monica l. tittle) wrote:

>>i am trying to keep my house reasonably cool without spending a fortune,
>>so i'm running a ceiling fan instead of the a/c at night and in the
>>early morning (by midday it's 90 and no amount of cross ventilation

seems like a good idea to ventilate the house at night and button it up
during the day, especially if you have lots of thermal mass inside,
eg masonry walls.

>i've already put foil on the windows that get the most sun.

last year i hung a 32' x 16' piece of black 80% sun-absorbing greenhouse
shadecloth across the whole front south wall of my house. an interesting
look :-) it also comes in green, white, red, beige, gunmetal gray... mine
cost about $70, including shipping, from stuppy at (800) 877-5025. a local
commercial greenhouse supplier should have this too. getting it made up in
the size you want with hems and grommets might take 2 weeks. it lasts 5-10
years, and keeps about 800 btu/ft^2/day of sun out of the windows in august
where i live, reducing the heat load for my house by about 77k btu/day, like
a 5k btu/hour window air conditioner running 15 hours a day. if you put a
couple of poles and guy ropes out in the yard, you might make a nice awning
and shady place...


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