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re: going off-grid and our pal nick
12 jun 2000
dlehmicke  wrote:

>concrete over styrofoam?  like the liteguard and heavyguard 2' x 4'
>interlocking roofing pavers using 2" thick dow styrofoam topped by
>3/8" or 15/16" integral concrete coatings and manufactured by
>tclear of hamilton, ohio?

wow, thanks for the clues :-) "interlocking" doesn't sound quite right
(maybe cut off the jigsaw parts.) we want something that barely sinks
without air floatation--2" foamboard displaces about 10.6 lb/ft^2 of
water, and 15/16" of 150 lb/ft^3 concrete weighs about 11.7 lb/ft^2...
sounds like the right ballpark.

>powerlight roofing modules on interleaved styrofoam roofing pavers?  

guess we should check that out too.

>or something different?

we might make our own slate or ferrocement/styrofoam "pavers"
with forms and holes in the corners to tie them together and
a hollow space or pvc pipes underneath for floatation... 
>that'd be fun to walk on.

interesting for cocktail parties.

>that'd be hard to remove.

they might sink to the bottom for swimming, float with the concrete
above the water at night, and float with the concrete a few inches
underwater during the day (supported by a few safety ropes attached
to the coping) under a "solar pool cover" on a big roller. 

we are now thinking about how to insulate this 22x45' in-ground pool,
concerned that 1' of concrete and 8' of water (about 660 pounds per
square foot or 4.6 psi) might crush 25 psi styrofoam underneath.
it also comes in 40, 60 and 100 psi... 

how can we make a thermal break where the coping touches the walls
so the coping doesn't act like a large heat fin to conduct away all
the pool's heat in january?

who makes those in-ground pools with liners(?) inside bolt-together 
styrofoam wall panels like superior basement foundation walls?


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