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re: car cooling stuff
3 jul 2000
ray l. <-@-.-> wrote:

>joelncaryn wrote:
>> >perspiring helps too, and basement apartments, swimming pools, cold tubs,
>> >drinking liquids, exterior window shading, wearing less clothing, fans,
>> >moving to maine, and having a higher surface to volume ratio (thinth.)
>> getting frustrated, nick?  :-)

i've been enjoying the heat so far this summer, working outside
more than usual. just emptied a 6'x8'x20' dumpster full of horse 
manure and bedding into a 2' deep mulch garden--160 trips with a
6 ft^3 wheelbarrow. the 100 tomato plants look stressed, but the
basil's ok, and it grows a large 4" crop of mushrooms every night,
which disappear the next day. skinny, blackish-gray and poisonous-
looking, with occasional headless white stalks. anyone have a copy
of that french mushroom cyclopedia with nice color pictures and
ratings in multiple forks and hospital beds? some have lots of
each, with six month delays, for adventurous terminal gourmands.

with a wide hat and lots of water, choosing to work outside on a 90 f
sunny day seems less oppressive than quietly sweating in a warm office. 
>> unfortunately, my car with the tinted windows and the dashboard
>> fan running on "high" cannot be converted into a basement
>> apartment or a swimming pool.

be more creative? i used to work with an electronic technician 
who lived in a cardboard box in a parking lot. hated the job.
he later became a clown, for ringling brothers, as i recall.

>> i'm 5'-10" and 140 lb, i'm carrying a 64 oz. bottle of ice water
>> and i'm already as close to naked as one can legally get.

sounds fetching, caryn, with a desirably large surface to volume ratio.
i'm typing naked at the keyboard.

>> (people with their windows rolled down should
>> automatically have the right-of-way.)

of course. special traffic lanes.

>drinking warm water should help you sweat more, and
>actually cool your body better than ice water.
>melt ice first, then drink?

eat the ice: 144 btu/lb to melt it plus 67 to raise it from 32 to 98.6
makes 211 btu, or about 53 calories, eg no-cal water ice with about
3 teaspoons of real sugar per pint, or sure-fire weight loss
with no sugar, at about 8 gallons per pound... 

>> ...can you think of an easy way to add a dessicant inline to an
>> $18 jerry-rigged evaporative cooler's intake vents if those vents
>> are intaking from the dashboard fan vents?
this works a lot better in vacuo, with fewer air molecules competing
with water molecules at the dessicant surface. get a limo or hearse
or ambulance with one of those glass partitions, and evacuate the back
seats, with a large lithium chloride fountain and pond? some german
rail cars have something like this on top.

>maybe a bag of calcium chloride lumps with a drain hose outside
>to release the solution.  this will cost a bit to maintain.
>i wonder how fast the stuff will be consumed.

licl works better. it can absorb 11x its weight in water, (about
11k btu/lb), and the entrained dust might prevent road rage.
there's enough waste heat in a car to make a closed cycle and
reconcentrate (evaporate) the diluted solution.

then again, wooden balls behind one's back seem to help a lot.
copper would be even cooler, or magnets, to cure cancer, etc.


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