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re: round house (deltec homes)
12 jul 2000
user798085  wrote:


hello user798085... 

>anyone out there have or had any experience with the company
>"deltec homes", they make round home kits, with clear span roof trusses?

i talked with a deltec rep on the phone (800) 642-2508, price list
in hand. the basic 4140 ft^2 two-story windsor shell was $54,588,
not bad, at $13.18/ft^2. but then he mentioned that the slab was
not included. neither were fiberglass insulation, drywall, second
floor overlay, windows, doors, electrical, plumbing, or shipping
(2 trucks at $2/mile.) he said the home would probably cost $70-80
per square foot altogether, of which deltec would only pocket 1/3.


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