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re: dry ice: anyone know about it?
25 jul 2000
martin anderson   wrote:

>we have used dry ice for the past two years camping.  in 1998 it
>kept our ice cream _almost_frozen until the third day.  not bad.
>we used it to freeze food and cool beers.  i say cool beers because
>you can't keep them in there too long or they freeze and the bottle
>burst. :-) ...yo could probably manage the same with a couple of
>good pieces of block ice, newspaper and good insulating.

dry ice has 70% more cooth than ice by volume, and a much lower
melting point. it's hard to keep ice cream frozen (and impossible to
burst beer) with ordinary ice, since they melt at about the same 
temperature. a dry ice fridge (vs freezer) might have more insulation 
on the inner cooler in order to make the space between the inner and
outer coolers warmer, with a modified $10 automatic foundation vent
bimetallic spring that opens a hole in the inner cooler when the
fridge temp rises to 40 f.

we never backpacked with coolers, just put canned budweiser beer
in the creek overnight and enjoyed it for breakfast with a thin
slice of onion on an archway chocolate chip ice box cookie. yum.


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